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Spring Game & Backyard BBQ

Trafton B.

May 1, 2011 - 12:38 PM

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Happy May Day (and Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad)!


The sun is shining across the Emerald Valley and it couldn't have picked a better weekend to come out. Yesterday was another one of those classic University of Oregon days. As I write this post and think back to Saturday, there is a smile on my face, and I only hope that I can capture the gravity of yesterday's events.


Our day began with the Oregon Spring Game. Great news, Ducks won. Autzen hosted a Spring Game record 43,000 fans, which broke the previous record of 25,000 set last year. I guess people start paying attention when your team goes to the BCS National Championship game.


LaMichael James' 67-yard touchdown run was the highlight of the game for me. Glad to see he hasn't lost anything from last year. Can't wait to see him make another run (pardon the pun) at the Heisman next season.


We also got to see some new recruits shows off their skills. Colt Lyerla, true freshman from Hillboro High School, had a nice day with three catches for 30 yards. Eric Dungy, son Indianapolis Colts' legendary coach, Tony Dungy, had a pair of catches. Running backs Ayele Ford and Lache Seastrunk shared time in the backfield behind LaMichael on the green team (although they were wearing black uniforms). And it was more of the same from RB Kenjon Barner and QB Darron Thomas.


I have a good feeling about next season. Sad that I won't be around here to watch the games at Autzen, but I'm sure I'll still follow them next fall. I'm already planning to travel to their season opener versus LSU in Arlington, Texas next September. And I'll probably make it up here for a game or two. Civil War might be worth making the drive. Maybe I'll catch the Ducks in the first ever Pac-12 Championship game. Fingers crossed, of course.


After the game (and after spending forty minutes in bumper-to-bumper traffic trying to get out of the Autzen Stadium parking lot) we headed home to host a barbeque for all the parents that came in town for the game. We had a full house with Kevin's, Steven's, Ross', and Lizzy's parents in town plus the regular crew of friends.


As always we had a whole bunch of fun, and it might have had something to do with the full keg of Ninkasi's Believer Double Red Ale we had in the corner. Nothing like a drinking some local Eugene brews in the backyard on a Saturday evening.


Dave Yakama, Kevin's dad, was manning the grill starting around 5:00 PM. We had some delicious burgers courtesy of Dave Turnbull, Winton's dad. So, thank you to the Dave's handling the food. Later than night we introduced the parents to our newest and most favorite backyard game, Frisbeer.




Frisbeer is pretty simple in theory. You have two teams of two toss a Frisbee back and forth trying to knock a bottle off of a pole that's about thirty feet away. The photograph above shows Steven and Geoff (on the far side) facing off against their parents (on the near side), Dave and Cathy. Parents beat the kids this round, but then Dave immediately challenged Ross and I, who I should probably add are undefeated (mostly because of Ross), and we made quick work of them. You might say that we're seasoned Frisbeer veterans at this point.


[On a side note, if you're paying attention, that makes three dads named Dave. Kind of funny, right?]


After the sun went down we made a bonfire and continued hanging around outside for a couple more. More friends starting coming and going, and eventually everyone dispersed around 11:00 PM. I don't think any of us thought our little shindig would go so late, but I guess that's just what happens when you have a combination of good friends and good drinks.


Like I said, yesterday was a great success and it will certainly go down in the college memory books. Normally I'd be saying something like, "I guess that was the last parents weekend we'll have," but I don't think that's the case this time. Heck, I could see this same thing happening next year. Maybe I'll add the 2012 Spring Game to my calendar. 

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