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Intramural Softball Team Needed a Little More "Go"

Trafton B.

June 2, 2010 - 5:05 PM

I deeply regret not keeping you all updated on the progress of our Intramural Softball team. In the midst of the end of the term chaos (jeez, I sound like a broken record when I say that), the team managed pretty well. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and in our case there just wasn't any "go" left in Team Go Team GO.


We started out the playoffs with a first round ‘bye' because somehow we managed to be the #2 seed in our Coed D-2 bracket. Don't ask me how, because I really couldn't tell you. The second round brought even more of a surprise as the opposing team, Anonymous Funk, had to forfeit due to lack of players. We ended up playing a scrimmage match to stay in shape. I won't tell you the final score of the scrimmage, but let's just say that when the three umpires joined Team Funk we quickly discovered that we were at a distinct disadvantage. It was pretty much our coed team versus their eight-guy/one-girl team. And the umps we're really, really good. ‘Nuf said.


Regardless, that (sorta) victory got us through to the quarterfinals where we were greeted by the #11 seed, Team "What's up Pitches?" The game ball on our team went to Cam Norris, who, after not playing in a single game all season, came out and pitched a gem. He kept the team to six runs through six innings. The only catch was that the other team did the same, setting the stage for some late inning heroics by yours truly.


Now, as the team captain, I'm not supposed to brag or take any credit. This was by all means a team effort, but this is my blog after all. Bottom of the sixth inning, tie ballgame, two outs, man on first base and Tracy is at the plate. I'm standing in the on-deck circle thinking to myself, "Please don't get out. Please don't get out. I just want to hit. Please don't get out." Like she does best, Tracy takes ball four and skips down to first base. "YES!!"


I come up to the plate, worked the count full, and then sent that neon yellow softball screaming over the right fielder's head. If I could draw out the field, this might make more sense, but it's basically a large square field divided diagonally into two softball diamonds. Long story short, the right field homerun fence is about 400 feet away from home plate. Obviously, I haven't eaten enough Wheaties in my entire lifetime to hit the ball that far, but I was able sprint around for an inside the parker. Score: Good Guys 9, Other Guys 6.


The miraculous part was that the inning kept on going. Cam rattled off a single. Leslie walked. Kevin beat out a groundball. Then, little Sarah came up and ripped a liner into center field, which caught everyone by surprise. The game ended in an 11-6 victory. I came in to close it out in the seventh inning and we were officially in the final four.


Yesterday, we played our semi-final match against the #6 team, "Batter Than You." I'll spare you the details because the final score was something like 18-6. I just remember standing on the sidelines when Cam came up to me between innings and asked, "Am I doing anything wrong?" I solemnly replied, "No. They're just hitting the crap out of the ball. Nothing we can really do about it."


I came in the next inning relieve Cam of his pitching duties, but I didn't fare too much better. I walked their least intimidating player twice and watch ball after ball go flying of their bats. Morgan Flint, place kicker for the Oregon football team, hit a three-run blast off my to deep center field. That's when I really knew our season was coming to a close.


I think we were all still feeling the strain from a weekend in Seattle and getting ready for finals. Oh, well there's always next year. All I can say is that I only have one year left to win that coveted "Intramural Champion" t-shirt and you better believe that I'm not going down without a fight.



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