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Celebrating the Class of 2011!

Trafton B.

June 2, 2011 - 7:30 PM

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Earlier today the UO Annual Giving Program - i.e., the department that I've been writing these blogs for over the past two years - put on a final send off for all the graduating seniors. For me it was yet another reminder that graduation is steadily approaching, which, at least for now, is something to cherish.


The grad fair was held in the EMU Amphitheater. There were several tents set up with representatives from the Annual Giving Program, the Career Center, and the International Ducks, which is the study abroad office. I found out that all graduates still have access to the career services until six months after graduation day, so that's nice to know that the support system is still in place for alumni.


The big draw for most students was the free pint glass and root beer float courtesy of the Student Alumni Association. It was the perfect treat on a warm day on campus. There was popcorn, more free giveaways, and photo opportunities with the Duck. Unfortunately, my celebration was cut short because I had a meeting with my teammates for the Community Planning Workshop, but they were all pretty jealous of me as I sipped down the last bit of my root beer float.


Before I left, though, I was able to send a quick shout out to my former supervisor, Teri Jones, at the Celebrating Champions table. They had a camera set up and were asking that students say a quick thank you to any professors or staff members that have helped us along the way. So, my appreciations went to Teri and the rest of the Facilities Services crew that don't receive nearly enough credit for keeping this gorgeous campus of ours running.  In return for speaking in front of their camera I received two "OU Champion" t-shirts, one for me and one for Teri, and as fate would have it I ran into Teri in Lawrence Hall a few hours later.


Well, I'm not done blogging yet, but I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the Anne Greenfield, and everyone else in the Annual Giving program that I've worked with over the past two years.


Being able to share these stories with everyone has been very special for me, as well as my friends and family who have been following the blog since my first post in September of 2009. My time here in Eugene and at the University of Oregon has been nothing short of spectacular and I'm thankful that I will have these blog posts to look back on and reminisce.




Countdown to Graduation Day: 11 DAYS!   

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