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Tori M.

March 14, 2011 - 3:00 PM

Dead week has been extremely grueling however, things are looking up because I recently found out I will be the Ambassador for Identified on the University of Oregon campus next term!


I met one of the co-founders of Identified earlier this term when I visited Whistler, Canada. I got his contact information and finally we are making this happen! Identified serves almost as a LinkedIn account for college students. However, instead of networking with professionals and colleagues, it's a way for companies to recruit future employees whether it is an internship or a full time position. The best part about Identified is that it is entirely free to use and only yields positive results. My roommate signed up for Identified and about three weeks later, she landed an internship with a pharmaceutical company planned for this summer in San Francisco-her hometown.


Some of my duties will include: getting an article about Identified published in the Oregon Daily Emerald, connecting with student groups such as Greek Life and ASUO, planning an event and getting at least 300 students to sign up with Identified. The marketing director of Identified will be here in May to help me host the event. I am most nervous for this portion of my internship because I have never planned a professional event before. I hope to brainstorm some ideas of Spring Break. Identified Ambassadors are promoting the company all over the nation and I feel privileged to represent them on the Oregon campus!


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