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Another Year Older-Another Year Wiser

Tori M.

March 20, 2011 - 8:00 PM

Yesterday I celebrated my 22nd birthday. A year ago I couldn't wait to turn 21. I spent my 21st in Vegas, a very appropriate destination if you ask me. I had a very enjoyable 22nd birthday. After I finished complaining about the fact that I felt old, I decided to buck up and enjoy it. After all, 22 isn't that old right?


As I laid by the pool with my Mom she helped me recall some of my favorite moments of the last year. In the last year I found my true passion with advertising, lived on my own for the first time and traveled to more countries than I could have ever dreamed of. I learned that cramming for a test isn't always the best method and that visiting your teachers in their office hours is a better route to take. I grew closer with my sister as she transferred to U of O and realized that parents don't always have to be seen as "parents", they are actually pretty fun.


It's crazy to imagine where this next year will take me. So far, I know I will be graduating college and moving to a new city. To which city is still undecided (although Chicago is still #1 on the list). First, I need to enjoy my last term of college!



Spring Break

Tori M.

March 20, 2011 - 5:30 PM

I have had an amazing Spring Break thus far. Last Tuesday my family and I flew into Kona, Hawaii-ready for a week in the sun. Knowing that I won't see the sun again until June I have been making the most of my prime tanning hours. Some would say I am a little insane, but I have been soaking up the rays every chance I get!


We are staying in Waikoloa, a cute little beach resort with lots of things to do. I love the big island because it is a lot more relaxing than Maui. Maui is more commercial and touristy and the big island is simple. The first couple days we spent laying by the pool, relaxing in our lounge chairs and reading. I am reading a great book. It's called "One Day" by David Nicholls. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is in need of an easy beach read! On Friday, we drove about ten minutes north to Hapuna Beach. It wasn't too crowded and the water was crystal clear and warm! My sister and I swam in the ocean while trying to avoid my brother and his friends who were trying to crash into us with their boogie boards every chance they got.


Yesterday I celebrated my 22nd birthday! I enjoyed a nice day by the pool until it started raining. Luckily, the rain in Hawaii does not even compare to the rain in the northwest. It lasted about fifteen minutes until the sun came out again. Today, my Mom, sister, our family friends and I went to the Farmer's Market in Kona. There was lots to see-little trinkets, fresh fruit, jewelry and shaved ice made up most of the market. We tried to go to a famous shaved ice place, however it was under construction due to the tsunami. Some stores were selling "We survived the Tsunami" shirts. It was interesting and sad to see.


For our last two days we plan on hiking the volcano and getting as much sun as possible! I love Hawaii. I cannot get enough of the beautiful sunsets. I would watch them every day if I could!


Aloha Spring Break

Tori M.

March 14, 2011 - 9:00 PM

Finals really do take it out of you. I have spent the last 48 hours studying for my last final of winter term. My brain hurts and I can no longer stare at a computer screen. Alright, that's enough complaining. Good news-I will be finished with finals and winter term by this time tomorrow!


Because this is my last spring break (sad thought) my Mom decided that we were going to take a family vacation to Hawaii. Although most people like to go wild and crazy on their spring breaks, I am looking forward to a nice and relaxing time on the beach. We will be visiting the Big Island, somewhere I have never been before.


I plan to spend every day laying on the beach and reading. It will be nice to dive into a good novel instead of a heavy textbook-something I am beyond accustomed to. I'll be celebrating my 22nd birthday in Hawaii kayaking in the ocean-something my Dad has planned for my special day. As of Tuesday afternoon I'll be flying to Hawaii. Can't wait for some quality time with Mr. Sunshine.

Add it to the List

Tori M.

March 14, 2011 - 3:00 PM

Dead week has been extremely grueling however, things are looking up because I recently found out I will be the Ambassador for Identified on the University of Oregon campus next term!


I met one of the co-founders of Identified earlier this term when I visited Whistler, Canada. I got his contact information and finally we are making this happen! Identified serves almost as a LinkedIn account for college students. However, instead of networking with professionals and colleagues, it's a way for companies to recruit future employees whether it is an internship or a full time position. The best part about Identified is that it is entirely free to use and only yields positive results. My roommate signed up for Identified and about three weeks later, she landed an internship with a pharmaceutical company planned for this summer in San Francisco-her hometown.


Some of my duties will include: getting an article about Identified published in the Oregon Daily Emerald, connecting with student groups such as Greek Life and ASUO, planning an event and getting at least 300 students to sign up with Identified. The marketing director of Identified will be here in May to help me host the event. I am most nervous for this portion of my internship because I have never planned a professional event before. I hope to brainstorm some ideas of Spring Break. Identified Ambassadors are promoting the company all over the nation and I feel privileged to represent them on the Oregon campus!


Portfolio Reviews

Tori M.

March 7, 2011 - 11:00 PM

Upon completing the Public Relations major, each student must meet with public relation professionals for a portfolio review. This is something unique to the PR major at the University of Oregon and it has proved to be extremely successful. Some students are lucky enough to have job opportunities lined up after completing the review.


On Friday I drove to Portland for my portfolio review. It was my first time at the U of O Portland campus and I was pleasantly surprised. The George S. Turnbull center is an amazing building! As I sat there twiddling my thumbs, my name was finally called and the reality set in. It was time to impress! I met with the marketing director of the Oregon Ballet Theater and an account director for Waggener Edstrom.


First, you introduce yourself and give them ten minutes to review your portfolio. Then you have twenty minutes to make a name for yourself and explain each piece in your portfolio. It seems simple enough but there is a lot to remember. Discussing why you chose to put a specific piece in your portfolio is not the point. You have to explain the purpose of the project and what were your results and/or what you learned from it.


I received really good feedback and I was thrilled about that. They also gave me some fantastic constructive criticism. I learned how to better construct my resume and how to better organize my portfolio. They were both extremely friendly and helpful. It was a great experience and now I realize that I shouldn't have been nervous in the first place. I feel prepared now for the interview process in the future. And by future I mean, in the next three months-graduation is closer than I thought! Ah!

Tori M.
YEAR: 2011
MAJOR: Journalism
HOMETOWN: Lake Oswego, OR

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