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Goodbye Corvallis, Hello Redwoods

Peter E.

March 21, 2010 - 10:59 PM

The weekend in Corvallis is drawing to a close, and tomorrow it's on to the Redwoods. With health care reform passing setting the tone, it's been a great weekend. We went to a great organic restaurant by OSU called Nearly Normal (I recommend the falafel and pad Thai, I do not recommend getting too close to OSU), watched plenty of NCAA basketball, walked the dog around the neighborhood, and mountain biked on some great single track. However, there was one exceptional standout this weekend: Nancy. Nancy is Melissa's cat, and she's a treasure. This is a photo post about Nancy.


This is Nancy doing her best Kansas Jayhawks impression (who got knocked out of the NCAA tournament by Northern Iowa), going "belly up."


Nancy the cat


Here's Nancy in character doing some performance art. She calls this one "Obama's Health Plan." After months of Congressional Republicans filibustering, Nancy portrays Obama's ability to "think outside the box" and bring about sweeping reform (represented by the fireplace broom in the background of the shot). The fire she looks longingly into is the bright future ahead for America.


Nancy the cat


Nancy also shows that she is a family woman, cozying up to Melissa. After all, it's spring break, and she likes to just "hang."

Nancy hanging out


Nancy reacts to the news that Mike Bellotti will leave the Athletic Director job and become a college football analyst for ESPN. After the football team arrests, Ernie Kent's firing, speculation that the [completely irrelevant] P.J. Carlesimo might be the Ducks' new basketball coach, and the realization that she doesn't have front claws, this really sent her over the top.


Nancy the cat


Unfortunately, we must leave Nancy behind. Melissa attempted to put her in the bottom of her backpack, and I know there's gotta be a punchline here along the lines of "letting the cat out of the bag," but nothing is coming to mind. It's spring break. I'm off to the Redwoods (sans Nancy). See y'all in a few days.



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