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Leah C.

October 2, 2009 - 2:00 PM

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As I had promised, I will be devoting this blog to HKSA, the Hong Kong Student Association. The group is one of many cultural groups at the University of Oregon. I am currently the CO-President of the club, and I hope to share with you all the drama that occur inside and outside of our office throughout the year.


I first got involved in the organization during my sophomore year through a couple of friends who were on the committee. During my freshmen year I had really wanted to join a club but never had the courage to approach any of the groups. For some reason I just never really tried. I guess I'm typically a shy person when it comes to finding my way into a social group. I didn't know anyone too well, and on top of that, I was only beginning to adjust to college life. My excuse was that I simply did not have time.


Anyway, as I got to know more people in HKSA, I became more outgoing and more confident in myself. I highly suggest that if anyone is interested in making new friends and getting involved in the campus community, they should definitely join a group. I ended up joining the committee because they we're in need of a graphic designer/publicity manager. After being involved and taking on other challenges, the dedication and passion I put in my work proved to the committee that I would be an ideal leader.


This year should be an exciting year for us, we have done a lot of promotional work during these past week and have even recruited some new confirmed members. I really try to stress to everyone that HKSA is not an exclusive club. The purpose of the club is to promote and share the Hong Kong culture through food, activities, and language. When recruiting members, we get a lot of responses from people saying that they're not from Hong Kong. This really doesn't matter since we encourage all students to join.


Break DancingWe are currently working on a fundraiser selling Krispy Kreme donuts, to help finance our biggest event in the spring, "Hong Kong Night." Last year we had around 300 attendees, and was told by previous members that it was one of the best events HKSA has hosted in a long time. The cultural night, for those who have never been, consists of a banquet style dinner with performances throughout the night. Usually we get our food catered by a local restaurant, and invite student singers, dancers and musicians to help entertain and educate the audience about the diverse culture in Hong Kong. Traditional, modern, east, and west, Hong Kong is about combining different cultures and ideas.



Hong Kong Night


Hong Kong Night


Entrance to Hong Kong Night


HK night




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