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Finals Done!!

Leah C.

March 16, 2010 - 4:30 PM

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I just got done having my finals and I'm feeling really good about it. I pulled an all nighter studying the terms and it all paid off. I'm past the point of tiredness and I can't wait to go back home for break. I look forward to relaxing, sleeping in, and maybe even catching up with some high school friends.


The final I had today was U.S. Women's History. Granted, when I first sat down in class, I really didn't like it. The professor.... fit the "feminist" stereotype and she made it sound like it was more of a writing class. Expressing ideas and writing strong papers takes too much time!!! I kept taking that class anyways because I felt that I needed to be challenged. If college was all about easy classes, what is the point of having upper division courses? I thought that, since I am in my junior year, I will need to take more upper division courses in order to fulfill my graduation requirements. Last time I checked I still have around 50 credits to complete. I've had other upper division courses but this history course was by far the toughest. My grades for my response papers were low at first and I only got a B- on my midterm. I was really considering changing it to pass no pass, but I thought that if I had put more effort into it, I could try to keep myself at a B average.


After finishing this class, I can safely say that I have been doing well. I've gotten higher grades on my papers and today's final wasn't as hard as I thought. I just hope I've written enough in my essay to justify my thoughts. At the end I had a short conversation about a Rosie the Riveter action figure with my professor and thanked her for her lectures. She has her views on certain things and before I noticed a lot of students contradicting some of the things she says. Throughout this term I've grown to admire this woman and I believe the whole class has as well. I've learned a lot from her and the class really opened my mind to a lot of things I take for granted. It was quite an honor to be taught by a woman who felt so strongly about equal rights and issues regarding gender which is why I have so much respect for her.

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