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Leah C.

April 26, 2010 - 12:00 PM

I am in total disbelief that someone would want to take over our club and bring down the entire committee team. Honestly, I want to find this person and confront him, but I must not overreact. I know better, and it is this specific person who has crossed the line, not me. I and the committee team, which I am very much proud of, is now faced with someone who has chosen to act immaturely. Though some may see this as a minor situation, I feel strongly threatened, and will take steps to protect my position and the status of my members.


I am hurt to have found out that this specific person, who was once an exec officer, and whom I had never met before, has decided that he will take over the University of Oregon's H_ong K_ong S_tudent A_ssociation. Acting in such a low way as to create a false Facebook identity and friending some of our members to "stalk us." How do I know this? I have several sources that have pointed me to this conclusion, one being that the profile picture was stolen from someone else's Facebook page to create this false identity. Further investigations have concluded that this person has been using this identity with a Facebook application to gather news feeds of our member's messages, group announcements, photos and events that has anything to do with the word "H_K_S_A." I just discovered this application which deeply disturbs me.... From this Facebook application, I saw all the recent messages between my friends, and the group fan page. Facebook really has become a stalking tool, so I would like to take this time to warn everyone to be aware of this application. I was told that this person is gathering information in order to take over the current club which he has deliberately chose not to be apart of.


If this person wishes to be apart of H_K_S_A, and has a passion to make changes for the club, I welcome him to join and share his opinions. We value anyone who has a passion to meet new people, to celebrate with us, and to learn more about the Hong Kong culture. Unfortunately this person's intensions are conflicting with mine. It seems that they wish to make this club exclusively for Hong Kong students only. No "American born Chinese" to be exact. I feel threaten by this and would like to address that most of the committee members do have ties to Hong Kong, and have just as much passion and enthusiasm to share our culture with the student body, and maybe even more.


Our members do not only consists of Hong Kong students, but every University of Oregon student who has an interest in learning about the culture. Now that the school year is slowly closing, I have seen this club flourish with all the efforts the committee members and I have put in. Our organization has well over 40 dedicated members, with many more who are just discovering us. I have strived to bring more to H_K_S_A as one of the Presidents, and I am happy to say I love each and every member for making this club a success. I wanted to make this group a second home away from home, a place where we can all be one big family. It is safe to say that we have achieved this in some respect. Only those who do not share the same passion as I will try to stand in the way.









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