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Chinese Literature

Leah C.

June 1, 2010 - 12:00 PM

I've been studying for my Chinese literature class and I just want to say I love it! This is my first literature class and since the readings are from the 20th century they apply to past and current situations that have affected those around me. I feel like I'm connecting more and more with my own family's past every time I sit in lecture. So much has changed in China during the last century and I find myself connecting more and more of my family's experiences to the readings assigned in class. From the "Great Leap Forward" to the "Cultural Revolution," I have begun to have a better understanding of my family's past, things that may have gone through their minds, and what they saw.


Since I first arrived at UO, I have found myself yearning to take classes that relate to Chinese Culture. From history, art, and language, I have dipped my feet into many. I have a passion when it comes to discovering my heritage. There is just so much depth in China's past and culture. Whether it is good or bad, China is an interesting topic to learn and discuss. I guess you can say I have been "rediscovering my identity," a quote that I used a lot in my final years in high school. Through my art classes at Lincoln High School, I took on the themes and style of Chinese art and symbolism in my work. It was the start for me to connect more to my heritage and to understand what the images around me represent.


It is a yearning, a calling for me to find out more about my family's background and the University of Oregon has opened up many opportunities for me to do so. Even joining student organizations and the Wushu team has really helped me in developing that connection. I hope that many students find as much enthusiasm as I have in learning more about my culture. From classes to student organizations, college is a great way to find and discover one's identity.



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