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Tweet Tweet!

Leah C.

March 29, 2010 - 4:30 AM

So I was persuaded by a friend to get Twitter and I caved in. Tweet! It's like having a Facebook status all the time. I can update my thoughts, feelings, and questions and get comments and feed back through followers. Check me out at:


 Screenshot of Leah's twitter page


So why did I get an account? I heard it was a good way to find connections and possible job opportunities. Maybe ... and if so, why not give it a try? Tweet! I'd love to hear from viewers and share my status with people who are interested in my day to day activities. Compared to Facebook, Twitter seems to be more private, since it does not give out any personal information, photos, etc.... Which is why I decided to share it here!



There are so many social and networking sites out there. I'm only beginning to test them all out. I've heard of such sites such as "Tumbler" and "formsprings," among my peers, but have only tried formsprings:


 Screen shot of Leah's formspring page


If I am correct formsprings is a questionnaire site that allows anyone to ask questions, Either anonymously, or known. It's something to do when your bored, but I do not find it as addicting as Facebook. I think live feed and updates among people you know is what makes Facebook and Twitter so addicting. Lets see how addicted I can get with Twitter. So far it's not as exciting as I thought it would be:)



First Night Back

Leah C.

March 29, 2010 - 4:00 AM

I ended up arriving back in Eugene around 7:30pm, and as soon as I got back, I was glued in front of my computer screen. I had messages and emails to reply to ... all regarding Hong Kong Night. I scheduled several meetings for this week, with several people regarding specific items to discuss. For example I spent some time talking about table center pieces. What are we gonna do? Are we gonna do the floating candle idea? How will we get it passed by the fire safety inspector? Maybe its too late. Maybe we should do flowers? What kinda of flowers? What kind of vases? How much can we spend? Etc etc. I also caught up with several other committee members to discuss their progress regarding their own work. I asked about the progress of our dance, and apparently the volunteers learned 75% of the dance so far. Unfortunately not everyone is at the same level, nor are they all in sync yet.... The script was also just sent to all the performers after I poked and questioned about it today..... It was supposed to be done before spring break so that the actors had time to go over it and practice. Now we only have two weeks to polish it. Hopefully we have enough time. Many of our performers are also practicing for singing and dance parts as well. It's quite a lot to ask, but hopefully this doesn't add too much stress on top of everything. Honestly ... it's a lot. *Sigh*


At this point I'm trying to keep my head up. With only two more weeks until Hong Kong Night, I need to look over everyone's shoulder if I'm going to make this culture night a success. Thats what the president of a club is supposed to do right? I feel bad for being pushy, but communication is key and we gotta get stuff done. I'm the kind of person who has to know what's going on. My sister Sarah is the graphics designer for the club. I reminded her many times over spring break the deadline for the posters. We needed three designs to be done by Monday, but she chose to put it off until the last minute. Here she is up with me scrambling to finish the last one. We both have 8am classes tomorrow, and its already 4 in the morning. I don't know how I'll be able to function in my classes tomorrow. I have class till 9pm and I had planned to attend wushu practice right after. I guess we'll see how long I'll last.


I had a chat earlier with the vice president of HKSA. To add to the complications of everything, a few people have not been fulfilling their tasks for Hong Kong Night... This is rather disappointing. They have not been answering messages from us, nor have they done much to support their fellow teammates in our most stressful time of the year. We've talked about giving them strikes and kicking them out, but what we really need to do is to have a face to face conversation to resolve anything. Anyway. I've been touching up on everyone and it seems that we still have a lot to work on. Hopefully my Tuesday meeting with the committee will help comfort me on our progress thus far.


The next next two weeks are gonna be crazy!



No Break

Leah C.

March 22, 2010 - 12:00 PM

It's the beginning of spring break, and I have friends who are traveling out of town, going to the beaches, hanging out etc. This break I've turned a few invites down and have bunkered down for work. I hope that I too can find time to enjoy the break. The weather in Portland has been sunny and beautiful, and fortunately I've had the chance to bike a bit before finishing off my t-shirt design for HKSA night. I have been overwhelmed with the pre-planning for HKSA night. There is a ton of things that need to be done especially in the next two weeks. In addition I have a internship application with 5 designs that needs to completed and sent by the end of this week! More on the internship after I submit it.


Going back to HKSA, I couldn't sleep 2 days ago. The things that need to be done just became a reality as Hong Kong Night approaches. I guess I'll generate a concrete list here. This should help me in planning it all. I'm so nervous and stressed!



HKSA NIGHT 2010 Count Down


March 29th: Krispy Kreme Fundraiser
* Clarify who will be ordering and picking the donuts up.
* Assign tabling times.



March 30th: HKSA Committee Meeting
Meet prior to actual meeting with CO-P and VPs
*Assign committee task the night of HKSA
-Backstage manager
-Tech assistant
-Food/Server overseer
*Break down the Night (Whats gonna happen)
*Discuss Raffle? (Remember to ask duck store for donation)
*Discuss Progress/Update with Smaller Committee
-Decorations Committee
-Performance Committee
-Food Committee
-PR Committee
-Finance Committee
-Prop Committee
-Multi Media Committee



April 1st: General Meeting
-Prop making
-Napkin folding
-Assign volunteers into specific committee
-Go over who is performing
-Break down of HKSA night
-Get shirt sizes for volunteer shirts
-Coffee Hour planning



April 2nd: Coffee Hour
-Opening day of our event trailer
-Go to buzz and get coffee and tea
-Purchase snacks
-Fliers give to ISA
-Printout photos of committee and HKSA events



April 4-10th: Promotion/Advertising Work
-Make/hang up HKSA NIGHT banner @amplitheater
-Chalk @ amplitheater


April 9th: Promotional Tabling @ amplitheater
-Sign up volunteers
-Promote the night
-Pass out fliers
-Schedule tabling times



- Volunteer.prep work@ 11
-Lunch break
-Prep/performance practice
-Pick up food!
-Designate Performance practice area



Every Tuesday & Thursday=Prop making
-Street signs,
-Double Decker bus
-Signal light
-2 back drops painted
-see list for my props
REMINDER to self


-Get PO's to LDT& UO WUSHU, Triangle Shirts
-Get posters/fliers done by March 29th!!!
-Get permission to post posters in university buildings
-Finish T-shirt business
-Catch up on event promo video
-Look up quotes for purple flowers
-Hirons: purchase vases and chalk
-purchase helium tanks from chem store.
-Volunteer food!
-HKSA members b-day :)
-Practice committee song
-Rent video camera
-Raffle items
-Print large posters. Costco


Phew! Thats all the things I need to worry about! The other half that is related to food prep and performances is my Co-P, Karen's responsibility. Its gonna be a really hectic two weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to stick with the list and mark off each item that gets done. All I can do for HKSA now is to keep communicating with the other committee members on their task, get the volunteer T-shirts processed, and work on the poster for now. So much work!!!! I'll be having lots of panic attacks!!



More Digital Arts Please?

Leah C.

March 21, 2010 - 6:00 PM

There are a lot of great things that the University of Oregon art department has to offer. Quality teachers, gallery space, an outstanding architecture program, computer labs and studios for students. Really, I love it here, but where are all the digital art classes? I'm in my last term as a junior this year and I've taken all the prerequisite courses for my major. I've gotten to learn just about everything that is related in digital arts, from basic programing, animation, illustration, web design, film and photo editing. Now, Isn't it time for me to focus more and expand on the things that I am most interested in? Upper division classes in graphic design, more illustration, maybe a full course in web design. I've taken all the 300 level courses related to graphics and image work but are there anymore?!


Registration was about a month ago, and the list of classes available in the digital arts category was quite disappointing. Classes were either full or focused on things that were outside of my interest. I have heard many other digital art students who have found the lack of classes frustrating as well.


My argument: Digital art students need more classes!!!!


For me, I can understand that students with senior statuses have first pick in the course registration. This explains why some of the classes fill up fast, but why are there still many seniors who are in the last years of the program, unable to register? Why, can't the university open up another class, when professors are faced with a double digit waiting list? Digital art classes are mostly studio based. A typical digital art class consists of 18 students and usually lasts for 3 hours. I just don't understand. Class sizes are small, so shouldn't there be more classes to accommodate those who are interested in taking them?


I spoke with one of the digital art professors on the last day of our class. The major problem seems to be staffing. Well, if the number of professors is the problem, can the digital arts department just hire more? There are students in product design (a new major started last year) who are taking digital art courses to learn how to use programs such as illustrator. With an increase of students, and majors relating to digital arts, does this not justify the need for more classes?


Another thing that I realized is that some of the professors at the university also teach at the White Stag for a term. The White Stag is another home for the University of Oregon's Art Department, but are the Digital Arts program replacing those teachers who are temporally working up in Portland? When I registered for my spring term classes, I see many that are available at the White Stag, but the problem is that I'll be in Eugene, and the class that I am interested in is a 2 hour drive out of town.




There is an example guideline in the art department office that maps out what courses a digital student should take over the course of their four years at the University of Oregon. The problem is that classes are sometimes not offered, students have time conflicts with other courses, or the class is full. How can we follow a guideline that does not fit every student?


Registering for classes is like a game. I find whatever (interesting) upper division course that is open, and I click it before it becomes full. I was one of the earlier juniors that got to register for classes and was able to snag the last spot in "Intro to Animation." I am also taking a videos effects class in the term, a skill that does not exactly fit my career focus..... It should be interesting, but if I had any other option available, I would have not chosen this class.


The department needs to reevaluate what their students want and need as far as courses offered through their program. I've heard students repeating the same class to fulfill their upper division requirements. Another example is a student, who is interested in working in animation for a career, but ended up having to wait until fall term (of his senior year) to take the intro class. This is the double digit class I was referring to earlier. The worst thing that can come out of all this, and I know a few seniors who are already in this situation, is the need to stay an additional 5th year in college to finish their digital arts degree. I wouldn't mind staying an extra year for my undergrad studies, but the cost is a lot for everyone, and we students only have so much time and money to spend.




Finals Done!!

Leah C.

March 16, 2010 - 4:30 PM

Finals Done!!

I just got done having my finals and I'm feeling really good about it. I pulled an all nighter studying the terms and it all paid off. I'm past the point of tiredness and I can't wait to go back home for break. I look forward to relaxing, sleeping in, and maybe even catching up with some high school friends.


The final I had today was U.S. Women's History. Granted, when I first sat down in class, I really didn't like it. The professor.... fit the "feminist" stereotype and she made it sound like it was more of a writing class. Expressing ideas and writing strong papers takes too much time!!! I kept taking that class anyways because I felt that I needed to be challenged. If college was all about easy classes, what is the point of having upper division courses? I thought that, since I am in my junior year, I will need to take more upper division courses in order to fulfill my graduation requirements. Last time I checked I still have around 50 credits to complete. I've had other upper division courses but this history course was by far the toughest. My grades for my response papers were low at first and I only got a B- on my midterm. I was really considering changing it to pass no pass, but I thought that if I had put more effort into it, I could try to keep myself at a B average.


After finishing this class, I can safely say that I have been doing well. I've gotten higher grades on my papers and today's final wasn't as hard as I thought. I just hope I've written enough in my essay to justify my thoughts. At the end I had a short conversation about a Rosie the Riveter action figure with my professor and thanked her for her lectures. She has her views on certain things and before I noticed a lot of students contradicting some of the things she says. Throughout this term I've grown to admire this woman and I believe the whole class has as well. I've learned a lot from her and the class really opened my mind to a lot of things I take for granted. It was quite an honor to be taught by a woman who felt so strongly about equal rights and issues regarding gender which is why I have so much respect for her.

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