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Why I Love Week One

Korrin B.

January 9, 2009 - 10:23 AM

I think that my favorite week out of the eleven that compose a quarter at the University of Oregon is week one, hands down. All throughout week one, I can clearly see why I love being in college. This is because week one is before I am inundated with homework and studying. Week one is when I'm starting interesting new classes. Week one is when I think about all of the ways that I can get involved this term. Week one is before I am behind and hating life. Week one is my fresh start.

It always starts with good intentions. I am going to do all of my reading this term. I am going to attend every class unless I am so ill that I can't even move. I am going to study every night and complete every assignment. I am going to keep up. I am going to listen in lecture and take immaculate notes. I am going to be the best darn college student ever!

It always starts with great new classes that are so much better than last term's. These classes are ones that I can really see myself getting into. Yeah, this is what I want to do! Wow, I never knew this stuff before - this is great! There is no way I could get bored with this topic. I am so happy that geology class is over and that I am now in this amazing policy class.

It always starts with the joy of seeing familiar faces again. After break, it is so great to see all of your friends again. Everyone makes oaths to hang out more this term. We should do study parties together! That is such an amazing idea! I missed seeing your face! I'm so glad that we have this awesomely intriguing new class together. Coffee?

My week one of the winter 2009 term has been exactly this. When I got into my Greek class, I was so excited to see all of my fellow classics nerds again! I got to class every day, bright and early at nine, showered, dressed, and ready to learn! I came organized and I did all of my homework. It was all so blissful. I wish it didn't have to go away. I dread week three, four, five, when life gets so busy that there is little time to hang out with friends and do fun things. I dread when my motivation begins to fade into a hazy midterm infested frontier. The University of Oregon should really just look into one-week terms I'm thinking.

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