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Korrin B.

September 28, 2010 - 5:40 PM

I didn't get as much as I planned on getting done with my thesis this summer. However, that is ok because I kind of planned on that. This fact did mean though that I wanted to get started on it right away when fall term began and start setting deadlines for myself.


For those of my readers not quite up to speed, I have begun my Honors College thesis. I will be defending it in the spring and it is my baby. I am writing on the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP). HPRP is a recent federal policy that was part of the American Recovery and Re-Investment Act. It provides funds to communities to help those who have been hit hardest by the financial crisis get re-housed or prevent them from losing housing. It aims to give communities the opportunity to stop homeless before it starts. Pretty cool, if you ask me. I will be looking at its implementation in Lane County, Oregon to gauge its effectiveness.


To get immersed back into the thesis process, I went in today for an advising appointment with my primary thesis advisor, PPPM Professor Laura Leete. We had a great chat to start off with about my summer internship and the South before beginning to discuss where I was at in my thesis. Professor Leete is one of the many excellent professors in the Planning, Public Policy and Management department. I like that the size and care of the department made it so she knew my name even before I asked her to be my advisor.


I had an agenda of things to discuss for our meeting, including some new readings I had found, questions on how to perform my interviews, and general questions on how I should frame my research.


We spent a majority of the time talking about the interviews I have planned. I would like to speak with people in charge of the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program at all levels of its implementation, including federal, state, and local government leads, as well as the leads at the local organizations providing the services. I am also hoping to get to talk to some of the individuals and families who have received HPRP funding and see how it has helped them achieve housing stability. It is important that I get my interviews done early on in my research process, as I have to get Human Subjects approval for them first and because it might take some time to schedule all of them. In the meantime, I need to continue reading and trying to become as much of an expert of the information out there on the policy as possible. I want to be able to have well-formed questions to ask them all.


We set my first deadline. By Tuesday, October 9 at around 2:00pm, I will have my Human Subjects approval application completed and a good draft of my interview questions.

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