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Life Post-Finals

Korrin B.

June 10, 2011 - 9:00 PM

I decided to go out with a bang for my last final. The final was a paper on Francis Lightfoot Lee, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. It analyzed Lee's leadership styles in relationship to topics we had learned in the class throughout the term. I described this paper a bit more in one of my previous posts.


Anyway, when I finished my paper, I decided that it just was not enough to merely turn in your typical, boring-in-appearance final paper. Instead, I decided that a paper full of this much meaning and symbolism deserved a gaudy, unnecessary title page as well. Therefore, I searched the Internet for the perfect red, white, and blue template to create my title page on. Eventually, I came across the winner. It was a red, white, and blue flag complete with a soaring eagle. I added the title of my paper to this template and printed it out. It was perfect. It was over the top and bizarre and humorous (at least to me). It was my last paper as an undergraduate and I was quite pleased with its end result.


I turned my final papers in on Monday even though one was not due until Wednesday and, just like that, I was done. College was over. As long as I passed all of my classes, I had just earned my Bachelor's degree. It felt amazing.


So, what has life been like post-finals? One might think it has been full of nothing but relaxation and fun times. Although some of this has been true, it is, alas, an exaggerated reality. The turning in of my final papers, unfortunately, did not bring resolution to my busyness. I immediately had to turn to cleaning my house to get ready for visitors during graduation weekend, finishing some job applications, picking up various forms on campus, tying up loose ends with different departments, selling back my books, finishing a community proposal, and much more. Somehow it seemed as though my to do list had gotten even longer post-finals!


It will all mellow out soon enough though. I am presenting my thesis research to the Human Services Commission on June 16, but then after that it is time for some serious relaxation. Of course I will need to pack up my house to move back to California and I will need to start looking for jobs, but before that, I will be taking time off and I am ok with that. Everyone deserves a break from time to time!


In conclusion, post-finals life has yet to be very relaxing, but this weekend brings graduation and the true end of era. It will be followed with the proper lounge time.

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