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Dead Week Craziness!

Keri S.

December 1, 2009 - 7:00 PM

This week at the University is dubbed "dead week" because it is the week before finals. Therefore, in theory, your week should be pretty clear so that you can spend a lot of time studying. Ha! I would really like to meet a college student who has ever had the pleasure of a "dead" week, because as for me and most of my peers, this time of the term is busier than ever. This is unfortunate, because as mentioned earlier, finals are NEXT week! AHHHHHHH.....


So to give you a little sneak peak at my week, I thought it would be fun to take a picture of my planner and show it to you all. Yes, I am still one of the few students who still use a written planner. With all my peers addicted to their iPhones , Blackberries, and laptops, I stay true to my ancient pen and paper. I then opened up my planner and was too embarrassed to show you! There are cross marks and highlights and circled craziness everywhere. As someone who prides herself on organization, I cannot show you my planner this week because it is so messy! Instead, I will just tell you what my week has entailed so far.


Monday started with class, peer advising, homework, class, and then a rush to get to an Alpha Kappa Psi event. This event was called Initiation and Demit, where we welcomed 19 new brothers into the fraternity who have been rushing all term. I am so excited that our fraternity grew so much last night, and looking forward to meet all of my new brothers! Also last night, said goodbye to 3 graduating seniors. We will miss you Cara, James, and Arash! I left the house at 9:30 AM and got home at about 9:00 PM...almost 12 hours away from the apartment! Monday night was also when student ticket distribution was for the Civil War football game on Thursday. Since I was at my Alpha Kappa Psi ceremony, I was unable to log on and get a ticket. Don't panic...luckily I have an amazing older sister who went through the hour long agony that comes with getting a ticket for me. She survived the online ticketing and was able to get me a ticket. Thanks Kristen!!! I will see all you crazy duck fans at the civil war on Thursday!!!!!!!


Today was just as busy. I started my day around 8:00 with a run/shower/getting ready. I then headed to my first post-grad job interview! It is so scary to start thinking about jobs already! The interview went really well, and I look forward to updating you all with more information. I then had to run home and scramble to get to my 12:00 class on time. After 4 hours of class (one if which I had to give a presentation), I had a group meeting to work on my sports business project. My group and I have a 20 minute presentation on Thursday, so the rest of the week leading up to that will be busy in preparation! Today in one of my classes, my power cord to my laptop stopped working. After a minor freak out and a $100 trip to Best Buy after my group meeting, the problem is now temporarily solved!

Also today, the UO Bookstore put "I love my ducks" t-shirts on sale! I obviously had to run to the bookstore and grab one, and after being on sale for only 2 hours they were already selling out of some sizes! What a great success for Supwitchugirl! So excited to hear you perform at the District after the Civil War game!!!!!


The rest of tonight's agenda includes lots of preparation for my sports business presentation, work on my DCS project due Thursday, finish my DSC quiz due at midnight, creating an e-book for my social media class, cleaning my disaster of an apartment, and finishing up some work for my dad.


Within all of this craziness, when am I supposed to fit in studying for finals? Luckily with the Civil War being on a Thursday, I will have all weekend to cram a term's worth of knowledge into my head.

Keri S.
YEAR: 2010
MAJOR: Business Administration (concentration in Sports Business) and Journalism: Communications minor
HOMETOWN: Salem, Oregon

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