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Keri S.

April 25, 2010 - 4:00 PM

This week for my Alpha Kappa Psi meeting, our professional speaker was a professor from the business school, Mike Dore. Professor Dore teaches the core marketing class, so every student who graduates with a business or accounting degree will have him as a professor. He is a very interactive and charismatic teacher, and has been one of my favorite professors in the business school.


Professor Dore talked about the idea of success. This is something that as a graduating senior has been on my mind a lot. Most of us come to college so we can be successful-but what does that word even mean? As I start the career search and the interviews, I am trying to figure out what my goals are and where my priorities lie. So many people associate success with their careers and with how much money they make. But as Professor Dore explored, success can be much more than that.
Beyond having a successful career, Professor Dore stated that there are other aspects of your life that allow you to be successful-having a family, having friends and relationships, being healthy, being faithful, having time for leisure and travel, continued learning and knowledge, and a good attitude. There is much, MUCH more to life than your career. Although it was a little bit of a sigh of relief, his lecture left me scratching my head and examining my own life. How will I be successful? How do I define success, and how will this help guide me in my career search?


While talking about service, Professor Dore quoted Sir Winston Churchill:


"We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give"

This quote summed up Professor Dore's speech to me. Most people focus on how to make a living and how to make money. They work outrageous hours in a career that may or may not make them happy. They spend too much time making a living instead of making a life. It is all about balance! Through my career search, I am trying to find something that will allow me to give back and contribute to a cause I believe in. It is also important to me to live a balanced life that allows me to have friends, family, and eventually a marriage and children. I want the ability to travel and pursue my hobbies, and to maintain my health and faith. All of this is overwhelming-and seems to ultimately revolve around my career. However, I feel that as long as I focus on keeping balance in my life, everything will fall into place as it is supposed to.


In general, I am someone who lives by checklists. I make multiple checklists a day for groceries, homework, tests, and general to-do. I like to write something down, complete it, and then check it off. However, when it comes to being successful, it is beyond a simple checklist. There is no formula and no set of assigned tasks that need to be completed. Instead, it is a process and a lifestyle that is always changing.


A big thanks to Professor Dore. I am glad he was able to come to our meeting this week and bring up this topic for me discussion and reflection!



Oregon Baseball

Keri S.

April 25, 2010 - 10:30 AM

Oregon Baseball

This Saturday, I went to my first ever University of Oregon baseball game with some of my brothers from Alpha Kappa Psi. The sun was out and it was a great way to spend the afternoon. Since I don't follow baseball that often, I did my research on our team before the game. What I found was impressive-26-13 record, ranked 18th in the nation, and on a 3 game winning streak so far against USC.


We got to the stadium right around game time, and found our way to the seats. It is great to catch up with my friends and to sit in the sun and relax and watch the game while eating a hotdog. I usually am not a huge fan of baseball, but enjoyed watching the game. We have a great baseball program here, and there were some great moments in the game that made it a fun game to watch. The game ended in a 4-4 tie and went into a 10th inning. It was very exciting, but ultimately left the Trojans with a win.


Here are some pictures from the event. As I stated earlier, it was my first time at PK Park. It is such a nice stadium. One thing I thought was interesting was that the entire field was turf-even the "dirt" part. The only dirt on the field was the pitcher's mound.


Good luck to the Ducks today in the last game of the series! GO DUCKS!


PK Park at night



The Job Search Begins

Keri S.

April 16, 2010 - 10:30 PM

This week on campus, the Career Center put on the Career Fair. This event is held once a term, and I usually try to go at least twice a year just to get practice networking and to see what different companies have to offer. When I went last Thursday, however, it was the real deal!!!


There were over 70 companies at the event, which was a lot more than last year. There were also a wide variety of firms there vs. previous years. Of these 70 companies, about 10 or 15 were holding interviews the next day. I was able to get an interview with one company for a summer internship opportunity, but after learning about their compensation policy I realized I could go back to summer camp and make the same amount each week! It seemed like a great opportunity, but if I am going to be living in Eugene I need to be able to cover my living expenses. There were quite a few other companies who said they would be posting jobs and internships on their websites within the next couple of weeks, so as of right now I will continue looking.


One trend I have noticed, especially within the communications and marketing fields, is that most companies want you to have an internship before a career. It is almost as if an internship is required as a trial run before they hire you. This is strange to my parents, as I explain to them that I am applying for internships and they respond "but you will have a college degree."


One thing that is a HUGE controversy right now on campus (and in my house as well) is the unpaid internship, which is a growing trend. Although internships can provide the intern with great hands-on experience, it can also provide the company with great services. There are some companies that take advantage of interns to do work for free that would otherwise be done by a paid staff member. There are also some who believe that the trend of unpaid internships is another unfair advantage given to the upper class college students, because they are much more likely to be able to afford working for free and therefore get much more experience heading out of college.


Personally, I think that the unpaid internship is kind of a bummer, but something that is not going away anytime soon and that is just one step in the career ladder. It is unfortunate, but necessary. The New York Times recently posted an article on the subject, and called Oregon out in particular as a state that is illegally using unpaid interns. Although I think this article brought up some great points, I do not see companies changing their compensation policies anytime soon. If anything, I fear that some companies may eliminate intern positions to avoid any legal implications.


That is all for now-gotta get back to applying for jobs. If you hear of anything, especially within the soccer or Nike world, give me a shout out. 

My first

Keri S.

April 14, 2010 - 12:30 PM

My first

Yesterday, I went to my first ever tweet-up. Since I can safely assume most of you have no clue what that means, a tweet-up is an event organized completely via the web through sites such as Twitter where people meet up face to face. This event was organized through All By Students (ABS), a company that works to be a guide for college students. ABS is most widely known for handing out free notebooks at the beginning of every term (not going to lie, I have about 20 of them!) However, they are currently working on having a year-round online presence to provide students with information that is relevant to them. They are doing this through the "Campus Voice" program, where they have bloggers write about what is relevant to them.


I recently started working with ABS Campus Voice, and began to connect with the ABS staff and other bloggers through Twitter. Soon after I joined, word of the tweet-up began to circulate. The tweet-up featured a guest speaker, Stephen Jagger. Jagger currently runs 3 different online businesses, all of which are virtual (meaning they have no physical office and everyone works from home). He has employees in different states and even different countries, and talked about how he keeps organized and in contact with everyone. It was amazing to lean about all of the different tools out there on the web for small businesses, as most of these operational tools were new to me. I will definitely be checking them out.


He also talked about how he promotes his websites via social media. Although most of these tools were familiar to me, it was still great to see real life examples and tips on what he does to make his business stand out from the thousands of others on the web. I was able to pick up a copy of Jagger's book called "Sociable." I am excited to start reading it!


Overall, the tweet-up was a great experience. It is still amazing to see all of the different ways organizations can take advantage of the internet to improve productivity and be more efficient. I am constantly learning about new tools and sites, and it is such a fast paced and quickly changing industry that I hope to someday have a career in using!




Keri S.

April 11, 2010 - 7:45 PM

This week was my first week as an intern for For those of you who live in Eugene, it is a great resource for what is going on in the community. MyEugene prides itself on being an independent, non-political, community news source. It is a website that is taking advantage of a new emerging trend in media news-citizen journalism. This form of journalism where everyday citizens and community members report the news to each other is going to change the way you and I get our news. Think back to the last news story you heard about-where did you hear this story? Was it on the TV news station? Maybe. But most likely it was a story your friend told you. Or maybe it was a story that your friend read and emailed to you. Or once more, maybe it was a story your friend posted on Facebook or Tweeted to you. Ten years ago, people still heavily depended on the newspapers for their news. Now most newspapers across the country are in fear of being shut down. It is amazing to see how the internet has so quickly changed the way we communicate with each other!

Long story short, I am very excited to be working with this organization. It is a small, non-profit organization run by a few hard-working staff members. I am one of six interns, and together we will all be working to develop a public relations plan and to put on a large event to celebrate the launch of MyEugene. I personally am assigned as event manager, and will be responsible for the research, planning, and execution of this event. I will also be designing and executing a survey for MyEugene to collect basic demographic information on their loyal readers. Overall, it is going to be a great term for MyEugene and my fellow interns and I, but I am excited to have to opportunity to contribute and help!


YEAR: 2010
MAJOR: Business Administration (concentration in Sports Business) and Journalism: Communications minor
HOMETOWN: Salem, Oregon

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