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Keri S.

May 20, 2010 - 4:00 PM

Every term, my business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi participates in an intramural sport. The intramural sports here on campus are a great way to participate in a new sport or to keep up with an old one. In the past, I have played flag football, dodge ball, volleyball, and basketball. This term however, we played soccer. Coming from a huge soccer family and playing soccer for 15 years before coming to Oregon, I was pumped to clean the dust from my cleats and get back on the pitch.


I was not the only soccer veteran on my team, and there were quite a few of us who grew up with the sport. In the past, our team has been less than stellar. Although we always played with heart and had a few great laughs, we hardly made it past the first round of playoffs. This season with soccer, however, was a different story.


After four games of the regular season, we had a 4-0 record and were the #1 seed. Yesterday was the first game of playoffs and we were pumped and ready to go. Unfortunately, we went in a little too confident and did not come out victorious.


Congrats to the AKPsiclones on a great season! It was a blast and will be cheering you on as an alumni when you take the field again next spring!



Keri S.
YEAR: 2010
MAJOR: Business Administration (concentration in Sports Business) and Journalism: Communications minor
HOMETOWN: Salem, Oregon

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