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Super Bowl – AD Student Style

Jennifer A

February 3, 2012 - 1:00 PM

Yes, the Giants won a close Super Bowl. Big Whoop. As much as I love football, and I do, this game didn't really mean anything to me, besides the advertisements. I know, that seems like such a chick thing to say, but as an AD student it is like Christmas for the creative world.


It isn't a good Super Bowl commercial unless it is memorable the next day. You cannot follow the same format as any other time; the commercial has to stand out. There are two ways to really do this; either be serious with a strong meaning or be outrageously hilarious.


The most successful ad in my book was one that seemed to combine both of these ideas, which personally I have never seen before. It was the "WeGo" Bud Light one that had the rescue dog bringing everyone Bud Lights as they called his name. Watching this dog run all over the party bringing drinks to the guests was great, but the best part was that it was for a bigger cause, adopting pets. I tip my hat off to Bud Light.


Another ad that stuck out to me was the end of the world Chevy ones. Not because it was amazing, but because of the public stab that they took at Ford. Can you say lawsuit? I am not going to lie, that was pretty gutsy. Did it pay off? I guess we will see in the coming weeks. It was nice to companies not just tip-toeing around their jabs but being real. It may have been real stupid, but it got attention.


There were other memorable ads like the M&M "Sexy and I know it" and the Clint Eastwood "Second Half" ad for Detroit. Although everyone has their differing opinions, I feel that the creative industry did a great job this year with their advertisements. Will it result in more sales? I sure hope so for the amount that they spent on 60 seconds of air time!

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