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Boo’s Last Weeekend

Chelsea G

April 8, 2012 - 10:00 PM

Spring term has officially started and I am feeling really positive about it. The weather has been beautiful here and my Spanish classes seem like they are going to be really interesting this term. Not only will my Spanish improve, but I will also be learning a lot about the politics and history of the places where Spanish is spoken.

I came home this weekend for Easter and it was also Boo's (my older sister) last weekend in Oregon. She is leaving tomorrow morning for Botswana to serve with The Peace Corp. It is unfathomable that I will not be seeing her for more than two years. As frightening as this next step for her is, I know that this is a decision she won't regret. The Peace Corps was always a dream of mine as well and is still something I am considering after college. The U of O website states that The Peace Corp actually ranks U of O as their number 19th school last year. Currently 72 alumni are serving with them. I am so proud that Boo is brave enough to now be part of that group. I wish the best of luck to Boo and this amazing adventure she is about to start.


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