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Caitlin H.

December 19, 2009 - 11:16 AM

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Eugene is my platform for exploration. There are plenty of things to do in Eugene, and sometimes I find myself with so many commitments it is difficult to get away. But when I do get the opportunity, Eugene is my springboard for so many adventures.


With school on hold and more time out of the classroom, I was able to make a trip to Portland yesterday. Portland is an approximately two-hour drive north of Eugene and as Oregon's largest city, full of possibilities. I've enjoyed the Oregon Zoo, a variety of concerts, gatherings, and museums, and the occasional sporting event there. But yesterday, I was excited to try something I had never done before - attend a Portland Winter Hawks game.


About a year ago I undertook a business project focusing on the Portland Lumberjax, Portland's professional lacrosse team, who have since folded and are no longer playing at the Rose Garden Arena. It was through that marketing project I learned the relationships between lacrosse, hockey and their players. As I sat in the arena watching the Winter Hawks game I was anxious to see what marketing strategies were being used and what more could be done. People were at the game, but it wasn't what I'd call crowded. For a while I debated why the Winter Hawks have survived and why the Lumberjax didn't... and then I remembered I was on vacation, not taking any business classes, and just enjoyed the game.


What a thrill! The Winter Hawks lost but it was still quite interesting to try something new. I had seen hockey games for the Spokane Chiefs while visiting a friend before, but it felt special to be watching ‘my' Oregon team for the first time. I left the Rose Garden in the spirit of the winter season and anxious to find some snow or frozen lake.


When I return to Eugene next term I desperately hope to make a trip out to the mountains to try my hand at some winter recreation activities. Recently in the mail I received a winter recreation guide from the city of Eugene. I'm hoping to spend some time looking at it and also considering trips through the UO Outdoor Program. I hope you find yourself up to plenty of adventures this winter season!



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