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Day Seventy-Nine: FAREWELL

Caitlin H.

June 15, 2010 - 10:00 PM

Thank you, to all of you who have followed my blog this past year. I have enjoyed sharing my experiences with you and likewise, I hope you have enjoyed being a part of them.


For my last message to you I'd like to share the things I'm most going to miss about Eugene, and the things I'm most looking forward to in the future. Thanks for supporting the University of Oregon, and GO DUCKS!'




1. The sense of community and belonging. Eugene will always hold a piece of my part. So much has happened in my life here, so much has changed; it would be impossible to forget. Eugene is spilling over with opportunities to be taken advantage of. Everyday it felt as though there were something new I'd like to try. And though it all, Eugene always felt like a small town I could count on. Familiar faces were around every turn, professors remembered my name and my course of study, and I always knew there were some things I could count on. Birkenstocks, for example, have never seemed so fashionable.


2. The beauty. Eugene, as a location as well as a spirit, is stunning. I was always so engaged here. Whether I had the time to go to the beach or head to the Cascade Mountains, or all I had were five minutes to walk down the street to a local park, the refreshing beauty of my surroundings always floored me. Can the environment inspire a person? I think it makes a difference. And I don't say that as an environmental studies student. You can ask my friends in the business school or in the journalism school, and they'll tell you - location matters.




1. Graduate School. I love learning. Enough said. This journey of education hasn't ended yet!


2. Entering the work force. It's scary out there, I know. But I've been a student for so long there is some beauty to be found in having a regular 9-5 schedule. There is beauty in knowing I'm earning an income and that Sunday will in fact be a day off, not a day to catch up on homework. I need you to remember I said that and remind me because I'm sure once I have it, I'll long for those sleep-in-until-noon-because-class-doesn't-start-until-one college days. Not that I ever had many of those.


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