University of Oregon

Day Fifty-Five

Caitlin H.

May 22, 2010 - 7:00 PM

The following takes place between 7:00pm and 8:00pm:


Let's take a quick moment to review life by the numbers:


23 days until Commencement


22 days until Phi Beta Kappa induction


17 days until Urban Geography Final


5 days until I leave to visit Michigan State University


17 days left in Eugene with college friends


It almost seems surreal to put it in those terms, but the end really is near. So, in spite of everything else going on in my life, it was time for a party.


Not to brag but, my homemade tacos have become something of a legend in my few years at Oregon. Taco nights are always popular events amongst friends - if I had to place a wager the free food, good company, and fun games might have something to do with it. And so, like so many other things, there needed to be one more before my time was up in Eugene.


Now, my friends and I all have something in common. We didn't just become friends out of nowhere, but we're all a little bit different too. Present for the final taco night were one human physiology major, two geography majors, one history, one planning, public policy, and management, two environmental studies, one political science, one sociology, one journalism and one business major. And somehow out of that we ended up singing songs through American Sign Language, one of the most competitive games of Cranium possibly ever, and some lighthearted, thoughtful conversation. If there is one thing I have to appreciate about my time at the UO, it has to be the diversity of my friends and experiences.


Thinking about where we are all going next, (Michigan, Massachusetts, and Louisiana to name a few destinations), I'm reminded of how broad our passions in life reach, even amongst this small gathering of friends. And I am also therefore reminded, how much this depth has meant to me as a student, and challenged me in new and exciting ways.


I'm going to miss my friends when I leave Eugene, and I'll miss nights like Taco Night, but I'm also excited for the different directions we are all headed, and the new adventures in store for us.

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