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Winter Term Wrap Up

Brianna G.

March 17, 2011 - 8:20 PM

Papers, check. Three finals, check. Last shift at AGP, check. Celebrate the end of a term, and St. Patty's day, almost. Whew, it looks like another (and final) winter term is in the books! Winter term has been traditionally a tougher term for me, and this one did live up to the reputation. Although it didn't come close to touching Winter 2009 (aka a black hole of academic overload in my life) which featured a medley of second term organic chemistry, lab, and biology. It has been a pretty busy term though with my course load and increased hours put in at work and as a Research Assistant in a Cognition lab.


I won't be getting final grades back for at least a few more days, but based upon my feelings after the finals, I think they all went well enough. I had a nice finals week, well at least as nice as a finals week could be. I had my Cognition final on the Thursday of dead week, followed by a weekend to study for Biomechanics on Monday afternoon. I managed to avoid early morning finals this term, although at the cost of having a final at 6 pm. This was due to the combination of a couple large physics classes, so we had to find a time to take the final in Colombia 150, the classroom know for its large size. I have taken many classes in there over the years, and haven't been in that classroom for awhile, so it was actually kind of nostalgic to be there.
Along with finals and papers in the past few weeks, I've been finishing up my winter term shifts at the Annual Giving call center. We are actually moving locations for spring term- out of a basement and into a snazzy new place in the EMU. This move required a fair amount of work- the call center had accumulated a lot of stuff over the years! I came in an extra shift between my finals to help move the center.


Spring term is looking very busy, and as of now I'm trying to whittle out some of the less important activities I have lined up for spring term. As spring term is approaching fast, I'm getting worried that I may be spreading myself too thin, especially since I want to make time to spend with all of the lovely people I've met over the years here before we all go our separate ways. I want to do as much as possible, but still enjoy my final term of college! It's tough to narrow it down, and I am adding a pretty exciting volunteer opportunity for next term as well. I attended an orientation this week for a resource called HIV Alliance, which provides support to the individuals living with HIV/AIDS and prevents new infections. It will be one of my first roles in a position directly involved in health care, so I'm very excited to delve into this new project!
I can't believe I'm 2/3 the way through my senior year. Time has flown by, and I expect the same from spring. Overall, I had a wonderful winter term, and absolutely cannot wait to see what spring brings.



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