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Weekend in Seattle!

Brianna G.

August 7, 2011 - 10:45 PM

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It's been a long day after the long drive back from Seattle and Sunday shift at the call center! I can't complain though, because I had an absolutely amazing weekend visiting a friend, Emily, in Seattle.


Emily, the talented U of O undergraduate student that she is, snagged herself an internship with Starbucks for the summer. Now, I have come to learn this isn't your run-of-the-mill internship. This is the type of internship that provides one with a beautiful apartment in downtown (with a great view!), lots of free coffee and tea, and still manages to pay the interns. Emily is one of the few, hardworking students of the Interior Architecture program here at the U of O, and is working as a design intern for Starbucks.


Having heard bits and pieces about Emily's experience in Seattle this summer, I was really hoping for the chance to visit her and check the whole thing out for myself, and luckily this weekend presented itself with the perfect opportunity. My friend Leslie (from Bainbridge Island) needed to drive up to the area for some family time, so Lydia and I decided to join her for the drive and see Emily. We weren't the only ones who had wanted to get in some time with Emily and her fellow Starbucks intern (and UO Interior Architecture student), so we were joined by a couple of fellow Ducks for the weekend.
Unfortunately, we didn't arrive in time to check out her work space, but we did get to hear all about it and the exciting stuff that she is doing. She even had a few examples of her work on her laptop, so we got to see some of it firsthand. I was especially impressed with her lamp designs, which will be options for use in a whole bunch of new stores opening in Brazil! I am so impressed by the whole architecture program here at the UO, and especially by Emily! She is so hardworking and talented and it's great to see her with such a great internship.


The fun city that Seattle is brought us lots of entertainment, and after a few months of living in the city, Emily had plenty of fun places to take us. We ate some delicious food, enjoyed a gorgeous hike around the Sound, and had some fun in with the nightlife. Lydia and I both were especially excited to spend lots of time with Emily, who we haven't seen since graduation. It was great to catch up with her, which I appreciate even more now that we are all going separate ways after graduation!

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