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Visitors + Sunshine = Great Weekend

Brianna G.

January 30, 2011 - 2:45 PM

This has been a busy weekend! The sun decided to grace Eugene with its presence, and thus the entire city came alive. Thursday afternoon was particularly nice, so I got to enjoy the sun a little with a run around the Amazon Park trail- one of my favorites because of its bark dust and proximity to my house. My shift at the Call Center was also cancelled, so I got to catch a movie with the roommates instead.


I only have one class on Fridays and I get it over with nice and early in the day; this left me plenty of time to finish up my physics homework and run a few errands. I spent a couple hours in the afternoon working at AGP, and then it was time for one of my best friends to roll into Eugene. Jessica and I have known each other since our days as Campfire girls and we also spent the last two years as roommates before she graduated. I don't get to see her nearly enough these days and I was very excited she was visiting Eugene!


She graduated last spring and as one of her jobs, she is currently working as a cheerleading coach. Her team had a competition here in Eugene, bringing her down for the weekend. That left her busy during the day on Saturday, which gave me time to study for my upcoming physics midterm and to take a break by hiking Spencer's Butte. My friend Emma and I wanted to spend a little time in the sun, so we decided to take a quick trip up the butte. It's one of my favorite (and also most accessible) hikes in the area, and gives an excellent 360? view at the top. We were definitely not the only ones with that idea, and thus the butte was crawling with people and dogs.


Saturday evening reunited me with another friend from home, for the U of O's Acrobatics and Tumbling team home meet. A friend from high school, Kelsea, is on the team, so Jessica stuck around and we watched the them compete against Azusa Pacific. We were also joined by another old friend Trisha, who was visiting from Oregon City, and fellow Duck Katie. It was really fun to watch Oregon compete against Azusa Pacific, and take the win as well. The tumbling and stunting that the girls do is phenomenal; especially when you consider that they are tumbling on mats without springs- which makes this very different from what one sees when watching gymnasts tumble. These girls don't get to rely on help from the floor.


I had a great time visiting with old friends and hanging out in sunny Eugene! Unfortunately, the library and physics is calling my name today, so there will have to be a little less sunshine and a lot more studying for me in the remainder of my weekend.


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