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Happy Birthday, Emma!

Brianna G.

July 17, 2011 - 10:45 PM

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Yesterday marked a special day for my friend Emma, her 22nd birthday. Those of us still around Eugene celebrated in style with her. Emma (and the rest of us) has wanted to go camping for awhile now at Silver Falls State Park (which is not too far from Salem). Unfortunately, my tent got left with my family and no one else had anything bigger than a two person tent, and with fifteen or so of us, it wasn't going to cut it. Also standing in our way was the fact that Silver Falls State Park was completely booked up for this weekend, thus we improvised.


My cabin is not too far from Silver Falls, so we decided to spend the day hiking around the park, and then head back to my cabin for the rest of the weekend. We tried our best to get an early start on Friday morning; this plan did not work out well. With a spur of the moment trip like this, organizing all fifteen of us was no easy task. We left a bit later than we hoped, but we still made it over to Silver Falls with plenty of time to hike around the park.


Unfortunately, the rest of the trip was not flawless. We drove out two cars to the park, and having left at separate times we ended up going to two different trail heads. The park is without cell phone reception, so we ended up missing each other, but nonetheless the hikes were wonderful for both parties. I would highly recommend checking out Silver Falls if you're in the area; the park features several waterfalls that you can walk behind, and many more throughout the park. The park is also just incredibly beautiful, lots of green plants and wildflowers.


From Silver Falls, we headed a little more east to Detroit Lake. The McAlister crew has had some quality time at the lake with me this summer, and this was another great time with friends. Unfortunately, the Oregon weather was not quite as cooperative as it has been in the past, and rained much of the weekend. The rainy weather did not put too much of a damper on our fun, as we still managed to get a little time out on the boat and some wakeboarding in. The few brave souls who ventured out on the boat found it worth it, as everyone was able to get up on the wakeboard, even if some of us were doing so in the rain.


Time not be drenched on the boat was spent eating some pretty delicious food, playing games, and enjoying each other's company in celebration of Emma's 22nd birthday, and I think it's safe to say everyone had a wonderful weekend.

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