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Easter at the Gehring's

Brianna G.

April 23, 2011 - 8:35 PM

Easter at the Gehring's

After celebrating my mom's birthday in Eugene, the whole family made our way back up to Oregon City to celebrate Easter. My family was hosting again this year, to our family as well as some friends. Several of our good family friends and their kids joined us in our Easter celebration.


It was really nice to be back in Oregon City for a little bit; with how busy I am, I don't get home very often these days. I was home for Saturday night, so I was able to meet up with some old friends from high school, and some friends that graduated from the U of O last year. I was also able to get to spend some more time with my parents and sisters, which I don't get enough of! Without a doubt, it was a nice way to spend a weekend.


On Easter Sunday, my family started out the day at the Easter service at the church we grew up in. It was nice seeing some old friends there as well. After the service, we headed back to the house to do some of the traditional Easter fun. Unlike many families I know with children that are grown (my youngest sister is in 8th grade, and obviously understands what's really going on with the Easter bunny), we still do Easter baskets and an egg hunt. While the baskets are still full of sweets, we also get the added incentive of a gift card to Thai food, which I am really looking forward to using.


After some Easter festivities, we were joined by family and friends for dinner and LOTS of dessert. I think more people brought dessert than the main course, a meal plan that I am perfectly okay with. I don't think I could be more stuffed right now, with dinner consisting of lots of delicious food including prime rib (yum!) and one of the tastiest potato dishes I've ever had. Then came dessert, with carrot cakes in the shape of a bunny, sticky buns, ice cream cake, cupcakes, the list goes on. Such a delicious meal, and to be surrounded by good friends and family, it was a wonderful way to spend Easter.


Now, it's the drive back to Eugene, on very full stomachs. I have a night of homework awaiting me, as I spent a bit more time with family and old friends this weekend than on my paper assignment.


Happy Birthday, Mom!

Brianna G.

April 23, 2011 - 4:35 PM

 Happy Birthday, Mom!

This weekend I my family visited Eugene in order to celebrate my mom's birthday and to watch my sister's track meet. It's always a lot of fun having family in Eugene; for one, I don't get home enough and it's also nice to show my family what I'm up to and like to do at school. My mom had big plans for her birthday as well- the whole family was going to see Wicked at the Hult Center! I'm pretty impressed that she even got my dad on board as theater isn't really his thing. But her and I love it, and my three other sisters are fans as well.


My parents and youngest sister Kaila came into Eugene in the afternoon, and we headed straight to the Oregon Relays to watch another one of my sisters compete. Missy, a high school junior, pole vaults and we were all very excited to watch her in Eugene again this year. It was a pretty big deal for her and teammates to get to compete in Hayward Field as well, alongside the college teams that compete in the Oregon Relays. Plus, it was gorgeous and warm day, so all of Eugene was out and about.


Missy sailed through her first couple of heights, and struggled with her first two jumps at 9'6'' just skimming the bar with her first and second jumps. Her third jump at 9'6'' cleared the bar with room to spare. This was a six inch improvement over her jump at the Oregon Relays, so we were all excited for her! Unfortunately, her jumps at 10' weren't as clean, but we were all pretty happy with her height.


As soon as Missy was finished jumping, we headed straight to Agate Alley for a quick birthday dinner before we headed off to see Wicked. It was busy, but we got a table quick enough and enjoyed a delicious meal on the porch, enjoying the beautiful day. Agate Alley is one of my favorite restaurants, so it was great getting to share their menu with my family.


After a pretty quick meal, we headed straight over to the Hult Center and sat down just in time for the play to begin. I had actually seen the play once before in high school, and I was really excited to see it again. None of the other members of my family had ever seen the play before, but we were all familiar with the story. My mom is an especially big fan of theater, so this was a perfect way to spend her birthday. For those of you unfamiliar with the storyline, the play is centered on the ‘Evil Witch of the West' from the story The Wizard of Oz. It explains her side of the story, painting a drastically different picture. There is also a novel out there that the play is based on if you're interested in hearing more but don't have a chance to see the play.


The performance was, as expected, amazing. I really enjoy the music set to the play, and I think I even liked it better the second time. The set and costumes were also a lot of fun- some aspects were very elaborate. The cast was great, and you could feel the energy they carried throughout the play, which I find to be one of my favorite aspects of live performances.
I had never been to the Hult Center before, and was pleasantly surprised with it. I wasn't sure what to expect, having gone to plays in many types of theaters. It's a really neat building; I particularly enjoyed the architecture of the interior of the theater. And even though we didn't have front row seats, the sound and view was great!


My family also got to experience Studio Ones amazing Eggs Benedict in the morning, and Eugene's Saturday Market. We bought a whole bunch of delicious looking vegetables and some plants for my mom's garden at home. Missy also put some of those very popular hair feathers in. It was an absolutely beautiful day in Eugene, and I was so happy to get to spend some of it outside enjoying the sunshine with the family.


The Best Thing about Being a Student

Brianna G.

April 17, 2011 - 8:31 PM

At my job as a student caller, the first thing we do each shift is read announcements and introduce ourselves. In this introduction, we always say our name, and then answer two questions posed to us. The job encourages us to get to know each other anyway, and this is one other way to introduce fun facts about you to the rest of the call center. Earlier this week, one of the questions asked "What is your favorite student deal?" and this got me thinking. As students, we are often rewarded for our inexperience and lack of life knowledge by offering us all sorts of discounts. There are so many student discounts that I have taken advantage throughout my life, and that time is coming to a close in the near future. My UO id card has saved me so much money! So in honor of this wonderful time coming to an end, I've compiled a list of the best student deals I've taken advantage of in the past four years.


TRACKTOWN PIZZA. Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love Tracktown Pizza. It has been a bit of a tradition of mine to spend Friday afternoons at my favorite pizza place, partaking in a wonderful deal known as the "Student Buffet." This deal gets you unlimited pizza, soda, and access to the salad bar, and it's offered at a great price. Making this already fabulous deal even better is that they also offer coupons for this in the Daily Emerald or the student survival coupon books (we'll get to this later). This may be my favorite deal, just because of the tasty pizza and memories associated with it.


CHEBA HUT. Another delicious restaurant catering to the student population, Cheba Hut, offers half priced sub sandwiches every Monday with your student id card. And on Mondays, if you want a sandwich you should plan for the line to be out the door. The long wait, or odd time of day need to order a sandwich quickly is absolutely worth it, as Cheba Hut has some of the best sandwiches in Eugene. One just needs to come prepared, because they are sticklers on the id and won't let you call in orders.


SURVIVAL KIT COUPON BOOKS. At the beginning of every term, the university hands out coupon books, and every term my roommates and I all stock up on them. These books are like gold- they have coupons to tons of my favorite restaurants, bookstores, bicycle shops, entertainment, etc. They cover nearly everything a student could want or need, and thus many of us students rarely go anywhere without them. Additionally awesome is that the coupons can be found online, so once you use the all of the coupons you've managed to snag, you can find more online.


LANE TRANSIT. Another fantastic student resource is our ability to ride the bus for free, with just one flash of our id cards. Luckily the U of O has a great deal with LTD allowing us to make full use of the bus system. Having lived far enough away from campus that walking everyday was trying for my second and third year of college, this was a god-send. Now I live close enough to walk regularly, but I continue to occasionally make use of the bus. Even still, I have ridden it thousands of time and am so thankful to have that student resource available to me.


UO ATHLETIC EVENTS. One of the best things about being a student, specifically at the U of O, is our ability to attend all of the athletic events on campus. Now I find football to be the highlight of this perk, and I am not looking forward to having to pay outright for football tickets starting next year. I have also taken advantage of many other sporting events at the U of O, from football to baseball to the stunt and tumble team. Having to pay for such sporting events will be considerably less fun, in my opinion.


TRAVEL DISCOUNTS. I can't even begin to cover how many discounts I've gotten while traveling because of my student status. Nearly every museum that I have wandered through throughout the world offered student discounts of one type or another. There are also the money saving benefits that youth hostels offer worldwide, and I've even gotten deals on plane tickets. The travel industry is very good to students.


With this list just including some of my favorite and most utilized discounts, and not even touching on some other fantastic ones involving less food and more relating to other areas of the world, there are so many ways to save money out there! I didn't even mention how gives student discounts, or the incredibly massive discount offered on Adobe products. With all of these great deals out there, I am not looking forward to losing my student status!

Laser Tag!

Brianna G.

April 16, 2011 - 1:08 PM

It's been another busy week and weekend. Beyond the mounds of studying and paper writing I had to do this weekend, the other peer advisers and I met to begin the process of picking the new advisers for next year. Now, we didn't want to just have a regular, everyday meeting to talk about the applicants; we wanted to do something awesome. And awesome it was.
After the end of shift on Friday, I headed straight to Red Robin to meet the rest of the group. I sat down right as our waitress arrived to take our orders, and requested a delicious burger. Spending the majority of my time around campus, I don't often get out towards Red Robin, and it was a nice change. It reminded me a lot of my high school days, and plus the burgers are fantastic. Throughout dinner, we passed the applications around, each taking the time to read each one. We also discussed the t-shirts for the club that we were planning to make- I'll just let everyone know that there is an anatomical heart involved. Although to be honest, the majority of the conversation was not focused on peer advising, or even necessarily human physiology. A lot of the conversation was directed towards the rest of our evening agenda- laser tag.


After we finished up our meal, we put the applications back in the folder, and forgot about them for a little while. We drove over to Putters, a pretty large center featuring mini golf, arcade games, pool, and best of all- a two stories laser tag arena. Now, I have played laser tag at Putters one other time, for my friend Leslie's birthday a few years back. That experience was the first since childhood, and I was reminded of how much fun it was. Thus, I was really looking forward to laser tag all throughout dinner and was pumped and ready to go once we got there. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a wait, so we killed some time playing arcade games, another childhood memory I haven't relived in awhile.


Finally, it was time to play. We were wooshed back into a room with black lights and a big screen giving us directions and safety rules. I noticed immediately that I should have been paying closer attention to what I decided to wear that night, with my white and blue shirt lighting up immediately. So, I gave up on being especially stealth. After the instructions, we were directed into teams and to our gear, getting a vest and the laser gun. Then, the games began.


We got to play four rounds, with the aim of getting as many shots as possible at other players and the other team's target. I felt that I made pretty good use of the second story during the games, although my aim when it came to moving people was not as strong. I have to admit, I'm was not close to being the best player. In my experience, that award normally goes to kids around the age of 12. They just seem to have a talent with lazer tag. Additionally, my team was a little bit outnumbered and had the parents of said 12 year olds, thus we didn't win a single round. In spite of being completely owned by the kids, we all had a great time, and came out at the end dripping in sweat.


Finally, after we all cooled down, we pulled out the applications again. We sat down and discussed each applicant, and decided who we thought should move onto the interview portion of the application process. It was pretty tough process, as there are many more applicants than positions available, and we're going to have to narrow it down further after the interviews. We're going to talk to some of the potential peers on Monday and Tuesday in a fairly casual setting to get a feel for how they would deal with other students and their questions. It's going to be a difficult process!



Spring Saturdays

Brianna G.

April 9, 2011 - 4:45 PM

Today has been a great way to spend a Saturday, and it was spent in typical spring fashion. While I woke up earlier than I would have liked to finish a physics assignment, what has come to follow has been the perfect combination of productivity and leisure. To start my day, my wonderful roommate Dana made a trip out to her favorite sandwich shop Jimmy John's (a Midwest restaurant that she is currently obsessed with and has recently made its way to the west), and the lovely person that she is brought me back a sandwich to start my day. Then, we quickly headed over to Hayward Field just in time to catch our friends Cam and Jordan throw the hammer.


It was a warm, although not especially sunny day out at Hayward Field today. By the time we arrived, the Pepsi Team Invitational Meet was already well under way. We headed straight to where the Hammer event was located and watched Cam and Jordan throw. Both guys threw well, and Jordan came out with the win for the event.


After watching the Men's Hammer Throw, some of the girls and I wandered back over to the track, where we watched Jordan take his victory lap and some of the other events. My personal favorites to watch are pole vault and high jump, and the steeple chase race is always fun. To me, the best thing about track meets is that there is constantly something to watch, and each event is always different in some way. Plus, nothing really says spring like track meets.
As the meet was winding down around 3 pm, we were starving so we shuttled off to a favorite pizza place, Pegasus Pizza. I enjoyed a delicious slice of pepperoni and pineapple, and talked about our plans for the night. Our friend Emily was involved in the "trashy fashion' show on campus, featuring clothing made out of trash. We decide to cheer her project on later that night, also driven by the fact that the event was catered and featured Ninkasi beer.


The trashy fashion show was very fun to watch, featuring clothing made out of trash bags, old cds, and I even saw a record as a hat. After enjoying the food, drinks, and fashion, we decided to rent a movie and call it a night, ending a wonderful spring Saturday.
Eugene has so many fun things to do on a Saturday- next weekend I'm really hoping to get to the Saturday Market, which just started back up a few weeks ago!


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