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Sorority Philanthropy

Jennifer A

February 26, 2012 - 12:00 AM

Sorority Philanthropy

Today was the last day of my sorority's, Kappa Delta, Shamrock Philanthropy. This event benefits two organizations Prevent Child Abuse American and Looking Glass Station 7. PCAA is a national organization but we also like to look locally into our community and help so Looking Glass Station 7 focuses on helping abused and battered youth. To do this we hold spaghetti feed and a basketball tournament to raise money.


On Friday night we welcomed over 600 people from the Eugene area to come into our home and feast on spaghetti and garlic bread for a five dollar donation. I was given the responsibility of delivering the pasta to each individual. I never knew serving so many people would be such hard work! While my wrist was giving way we also opened our doors to the Girl Scouts so they could sell their cookies to the public. While everyone was eating we had a guest appearance by On The Rocks to serenade the diners while they indulged on their food. Once everyone had ate to his or her heart's content we prepared for the basketball tournament.


Kappa Delta had over 40 teams sign up to compete in our Shamrock tournament. We had two divisions, men and women's. We played double elimination style which meant you had to lose two games to be done completely with the tournament. Women in my sorority were designated to coach specific teams and mine made it to the quarterfinals! The best part of the entire tournament was when Puddles, our school's mascot, showed up to cheer us all on!


It was a successful charity event where we raised more money this year than we ever have. I enjoyed myself and from what I could tell all involved did as well. Let's hope the ladies of Kappa Delta can even top it next year!


Networking- How It Can Get You a Job

Jennifer A

February 19, 2012 - 1:00 PM

We have all heard it before, networking is the way to receive a job. This isn't a story on how I received a job through working with my connections. This is a story how I helped someone get a job.


I had an internship with Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield this summer. One other person from the University of Oregon had an internship there as well. We worked in separate departments but ate lunch together most days. He is a computer science major- an area where I know nothing about. The summer ended and we went back to our lives at UO. Then I started my job hunt.


After sending out some resumes I received an interview in Denver for my future company. Long story made short, I got the job. I was out for a celebratory lunch and the HR manager was saying that they are hiring software developers. I instantly thought of the guy I interned with and briefly remembered that that was his title at Regence. I mentioned his name and one thing leads to another and he gets a job there as well!


Networking only helps you out as a person if you are willing to use your connections as well to help others. If this guy I interned with was a jerk, there would be no way I would mention his name. But because of his social skills during the non-working parts of work he received information that helped him get a job.

The Beginning of the “Lasts”

Jennifer A

February 19, 2012 - 12:00 PM

Last night I went to my last sorority formal. It is called Emerald Ball or E-ball for short. As I was getting ready I get the stunning realization that this would most likely be my last dance, ever! Then the sentimental moments started pouring in.


I am officially halfway through my senior year. What? Where did time go? Was I not just graduating high school bragging to everyone that I was going to the University of Oregon? Now I am about to register for my last term of classes, ever! Pretty soon all of my "lasts" will be flooding in like an unstoppable tidal wave.


I know the saying goes "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" but that isn't comforting. It's not that I don't want to leave college. I am supposed to only be here for four years. But where did those four years go? I don't know how much more life I could have crammed into my time here and yet I keep thinking that I should have done more. I should have studied abroad, taken an art class, and stayed out way too late with my friends more. It may be too late for some of those but I will do my best to create more memories and put off my "lasts" as long as I can!

The UO Has Personality

Jennifer A

February 12, 2012 - 12:00 PM

The UO Has Personality

If you have a Facebook, you must check out the University of Oregon's Meme page. If you are an alumni, you will get most of these ‘inside jokes' of the UO and laugh out loud for hours to come. In case you are unaware, a meme is basically a play on words or on a situation in a joking matter usually. I have also posted an example.


This page is specifically dedicated for UO students with jokes made about the LTD bus system, DPS, dorm life and many more ideas. This page has been posted for less then a week and already has over 4,000 likes and hundreds of added memes by students. It was so popular that The Daily Emerald put this story on the front page!


I love that the students at my school have such personality. Even though we all don't know each other we have many of the same-shared experiences with one another. It made me appreciate how impactful college life really is. When I graduate I can have many of these conversations with other alumni. UO changes everyday, but some things will never change and this page shows that.

Twitter: The New Way to Stay Updated

Jennifer A

February 11, 2012 - 12:00 PM

Today, a musical icon has passed away. Whitney Houston had a voice the angels were jealous of. What amazes me is that this talented woman's death was first heard on Twitter.


At first, many people thought it was a joke. Honestly, Twitter has ‘killed' many people before. Someone makes an off-handed comment, which leads to retweets, which leads to an epidemic of rumors. However, with Whitney Houston's case, it was the truth. News stories quickly followed with no information pertaining to her death at all, just saying that she had died and more to follow.


This was not the first, or the biggest, event I have first heard about on Twitter. My father called me last year saying I need to get to a television; the President was about to make a speech about something big. Twitter is what leaked the news that it was Osama Bin Laden's death. I learned of the Tsunami in Japan on Twitter before I checked out CNN.


I can't think of a communication medium that allows so many to learn about an event so quickly. Although it has its flaws, I believe Twitter is an important source of information for anyone who whishes to use it.

Jennifer A
YEAR: 2012
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